PC2PC Filecopy

To go by USB, you would have to use a cable with an active device, as you cannot directly couple two hosts together - the cable/device should include software.
Thankz alot for tha nfo guys, most appreciated. That ALP should do the trick, the job is always short on budget monies so free is always good. Gotta luv working for the government....
Do current Windows versions (eg. XP) still offer/support "Direct Cable Connection"?

For a moderate volume of files, carrying them on a USB Pendrive may be another possibility.

Networking them may be another option - a pair of PCI Ethernet cards and a crossover cable is quite cheap.

Did you get to the ALP? - main site is no response for me, and from what I got from cache pages, it looks like LAN (Ethernet) not serial.

I HAVE transferred files terminal to terminal, it's tedious, but it works.