Pc Gaming Card




im thinkign off upgrading my vga card/adpater as basically my current one is crap to say the least anyhow im looking at an agp 8x slot and i was looking at either the Geforce 6600gt 256mb or X1600 PRO 512MB AGP im wondering which is better as i can get both for around £100-120 on ebay or a card better for the same price on agp
thanks guys
http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/graphics/charts.html - not sure if they tally exactly (X1600 Pro AGP 256MB & 6600GT 128), but they swap places occasionally in the tests.

I'd say "find some tests", but the X800 range seems to rank as more powerful (though a little dated in only having pixel shader 2.0 support, instead of PS3.0) than both the comparable Nvidia and X1000-series cards

The X800GTO, I can't rember now if it's "good as it stands", or a typically exeptional overclocker using a backed down X850 chip.

If you prefer Nvidia
A 6800XT / 512MB, at £119.95 inc VAT (though not P&P) - reading further though, it's a rather low clocked example (I though XT was "super" for ATI cards) so is unlikely to be much more powerful than a good 6600GT - unless striking lucky with a partial or full pipeline unlock using RivaTuner.

So hard to compare, as I was ready to rave about that one, until seeing how the clock frequency is below standard.