new v.5 Waves Bundles

WAVES V.5.0 release includes new builds of all the plug-ins for Mac OS-X and Windows.
A new bundle – Waves Musicians Bundle 2 – is also introduced in this release.

What's New in WAVES V.5

· Tempo Sync - Four plug-ins have been upgraded with a new feature of automatic tempo sync. The plug-ins are: Enigma, MetaFlanger, MondoMod and SuperTap.
The new functionality enables those plug-ins to lock to the host application’s tempo and tie the relevant controls to that externally controlled tempo.

· Morphoder MIDI Control - Morphoder, part of the Transform bundle, now becomes a true virtual instrument. In all supported host applications you will be able to assign a MIDI track output to an open instance of the Morphoder and play its internal carrier from a MIDI track using recorded MIDI data or live playback from a MIDI controller.

· Waves 360° Bundle for Windows - The Waves 360° Surround Tools Bundle is now available for ProTools TDM running on Windows.

· Waves 360° Bundle – Native - On both Mac & PC TDM systems, the Waves 360° Bundle now supports Native processing, running as RTAS & HTDM.

· HTDM Support - All Waves plug-ins now support Digidesign’s HTDM architecture, enabling Native processing while maintaining important TDM functionalities such as changing a track’s number of outputs (mono ->stereo, mono/stereo ->surround), inserting a plug-in on Aux and/or Master tracks and more.

Note! – ProTools TDM 6.4cs4 update is required for HTDM support _

· HD Accel Support for Windows - Digidesign’s new HD Accel hardware is now supported for Windows.

· 96kHz Support On HD Accel - Several plug-ins are now supported at 96kHz sample rate on Digidesign’s new HD Accel DSP cards.

· The enhanced plug-ins are: C4, SuperTap*, Morphoder, LinMB, LinEQ (Broadband Mono component only). * SuperTap is now also supported up to 192khz in Native process.

· Digi 002 and Command/8 Control Surface support - All Waves plug-ins are now officially mapped to Digidesign’s Digi 002 and Command|8 control surfaces.

· Automatic Delay Compensation support for Pro Tools - All Waves plug-ins are adapted to support the new Automatic Delay Compensation feature in ProTools 6.4

Version 5 Minimum System Requirements
Mac: G4 867Mhz, 512Mb RAM, 800/600 minimal display resolution. Masters TDM will work with MIX or HD/HD Accel only. No support for D24, Merle-DSP farm.
Windows: P3-1GHz for Real-Time processing, 256Mb RAM, 800/600 minimal display resolution

Version 5 Compatibility

Mac OS X 10.3.2:

Audio Units
• ProTools TDM 6.1-6.4*
• ProTools LE 6.2.3*, 6.4*
• Logic Audio TDM 6.4.2
• HD Accel support
ProTools TDM 6.4cs4 update for HTDM support

• Cubase SX 2.2*
• Nuendo 2.2*
• Spark 2.8.2
• Peak 4.1.1

• MOTU Digital Performer 4.1.2*
• Logic Audio 6.4.2*
• Garageband 1.1*
• Spark 2.8.2
• Peak 4.1.1

PC Win2000/XP:

• ProTools TDM 6.1, ProTools TDM 6.4*
• ProTools LE 6.4*
• HD Accel support
ProTools TDM 6.4cs4 update for HTDM support
• Cubase SX 2.0.1*
• Nuendo 2.1.1*
• WaveLab 4.0 (Audio Montage)

• Cubase SX 2.0.1
• Nuendo 2.1.1
• WaveLab 4.0
• SoundForge 7.0
• Vegas 5.0a
• Acid 4.0e
• CD Architect 5.0
• Sonar 3.1.1 Producer*
• Audition 1.0
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