New to Forum

I have been a member of Doom9 for as as long as I can remember, I joined the forum because I downloaded TFM Audio Tool and it works very very well;). I needed a tool that up-mixed 2 channel Stereo to 5.1 Dolby Surround. I have a large library of VHS Music Video that I am transferring to DVD to preserve them. I was using Aften at first but then Foobar2000 and Atsurround for the audio and Captured with Pinnacle Studio 12 and DVD Author with DVDLabPro2. It has been working for the most, until I realized that my multi-channel setup was not in true 5.1 mode. Corrected the installation problem and then found out that the Music DVD that I had created were actually only 3 channels (maybe?) there was silence in the surround and center channels, LFE channel was distorted (that playing with true 5.1 setup - Yamaha DSP external Decoder). Foorbar and Atsurround are great when the audio stream (2ch) contain the information say Dolby Surround encoding, but suck when not present. My only problem is I have not found out how to normalize all the audio tracks in TFM Audio Tool, I and using besweet the -ato() switch but would rather do it in TFM Audio Tool to remove one extra step in the process. Is it possible? Secondly how do you removing items from the list without closing the application? I sometime have 25 audio streams in the windows and sometime make a mistake and need to remove unwanted streams. Is this possible. Lastly I would love to donate, strapped on cash right now but can donate services until I get some cash.

Sorry about that. I read the rules and it said that I should begin there, It was not very clear on the subject matter than to describe yourself and get a little information. I will post in the link you requested. Thanks