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Hi Everyone,

I am Daniel Redd a very new member to this forum. I found this forum is really a grate place to discuss about digital media softwares and CD & DVD related issues. As I am in the same business of digital media, it will definitely help me gain knowledge from the forum members and the pleasure to take part in the discussions.

Thanks & Regards
Daniel Redd
Replicopy Inc.
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I really apologize if my post seems promotional. I didn't mean to promote my business in this forum. I am aware about the forum guidelines and will not violet any of them. My intention was to be an active member, therefore in the introduction I have mentioned about myself and my business. Hope you will not consider it as a promotional post any more. Kindly guide if you find any such related issues.

Thanks & regards
Daniel Redd
Interesting, Your office is in Texas, but you appear to be posting from an Indian IP address with a bad reputation for forum spam.
Very well, will reserve judgement for now....