New Media Player Classic


One of my favorite freewares has an update...

Media Player Classic 2005-03-20

The program is now 4.7mb, so there are some code enhacements.

- remembering playlist items can be turned off in the context menu
- fixed shaders randomly disappearing from the menu
- aspect ratio presets at view/video frame/override aspect ratio (default, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9)
- ctrl held during resizing keeps the window tight around the video

capture mode:
- better compatibility with terratec cinergy and other cards which output audio themselves
- the television standard can be set indirectly by the country code at the open device dialog (there is no other way in directshow...)
- a deinterlacer filter is loaded when the height is larger than 288 lines, only for previewing (the following color formats are supported: yuy2/uyvy/yv12/i420/iyuv)
- if there is only one video format offered by the video capture pin (320x240 for example) then mpc adds several other standard resolutions to the combo box

vmr9 renderless: (changes by Haali)
- bilinear + bicubic resizers, using pixel shader 2.0 (3d mode only)
- speed issues on secondary display may be fixed now (the file has to be opened there)

- fixed the bug of serving external files from certain paths
- cgi support (tested with php only)
- default page can be set (index.html, etc.)


Get it here :cool:
A recent increase in unpacked size, was due to no longer using UPX compression - one reason being that some antivirus and pest control applications treat all UPX'd stuff as highly suspicious
scarecrow said:
...until you try VLC, BSPlayer or the (still beta) Mplayer port for windows... :p
I installed vlc before few months and its a light year behind mpc-do not know for others..