neverwinter nights


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hey i went to the shops looking to buy diablo 2 because some friends said it was a good game to play online. I went to about 7 games shops and none of them had it in stock. So i bought neverwinter nights. I installed it thinking it would be fun online. I played it and now im confused... I dont get how the online system works on this game. Every time i want to play online i have to make a new character. Cant i just have 1 character that i can level up and work on insted of making a new character all the time? I am pretty dissapointed with this game so far. Even thought it only cost $20 still lol it says it got 96% on the box and i dont find it so good. Does anyone know how to play it properly?


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any recomendations on a free online mmorpg game? download free or buy cd and play type. No monthly perscriptions


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"Runescape" at is a well known one which is free, it just annoys me for some reason.

"Maid Marian" at has a few cool online mmorpgs, i havnt tried any of them though.

"World of Warcraft" although you have to pay for it is a brilliant game and at 7.99 a month youll be surprised at the immense value for money.

"Dofus" at looks pretty cool aswell, and has just been made 100% free.

"Everquest" is also a very famous one, this is the only website that was definitley official that i could find after a quick google.

There you go Nizmo, hope all that helps. I personally use World of Warcraft, its absoloutley fantastic, 35 pounds or so for the game (which is huge and spans 4 cd's for the installation) and 8 quid (or 6 if you get a larger subscription) a month is totally worth it!