Netman passed away.

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My good friend VIPER_1069 made the announcement that one of our forum team members,the well-known and respected netman has passed away at April 10th 2005.
This is a very sad day for our community and everyone who knew him,since he was a great guy and helped everyone as much as he could.
My deepest sympathy and condolences for his family....I know they will miss him,as he was a good guy....
May you find your peace,netman....... :( :( :(


Holy ****!!This is a sad day...he was a well respected man.My condolences to his family&friends.We go way back...I'm in shock.Doesn't seem fair.. :(
NO words can describe how i'm feeling now, with the sad loss of a good friend, guru and all round great guy who will be sorely missed ... not only here but forums all over the internet where he shared his wealth of knowledge freely for one and all.

He will remain in our thoughts now and forever as a respected member of our forum community.

Rest In Peace NETMAN (mark)

our sympathy here at DVDRBASE ..goes out to his family and close friends and all who learned from him and knew him.
I didnt know him as well as others, but he always tried to help & to make people smile.

My thoughts & prayers go to his family & friends.

The world has lost a unique individual & he will be sorely missed :(

RIP Mark/Netman, may U now find the peace U deserve.

BaNzI :(
RIP Mark. :( Thanks for all the help over the years.
My deepest sympathy and condolences for his family.
I will miss you my friend.:(
Very sorry to hear that netman has passed away (gettygas just mailed me that sad news). Rest in peace, Mark. My condolences to your family :(
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