Nero changelog

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New features:
added several new recorders.
Implemented many accessibility features
Speed up checking for dynamic read/write speed support
Better recognition of Data-Multisession-CDs
Erasing with 12x has been improved

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the bug which produced incompatible Video-DVDs not playable on some DVD-players
Fixed an Audio CD problem which occurred with few recorders
Fixed recorder speed display problem with some recorders
Disabled CD-Text language combo box when no CD-Text is available for compilation type
The boot cd property page will now also allow boot image template volumes,that are larger than 600MB, if another destination medium than CD is selected. For example DVDs might pretty well contain boot data of 4GB, that the old dialog just did not allow to select.
Fixed overburning in WaitCD dialog (would eject CD instead of asking the user for overburning, which would only happen once the CD was inserted a second time)
When IMAPI disabling failed, try to switch to other running Nero.
The content of the SCANDATA.DAT file was not written on SVCD.
Fix delete char bug when editing file name in the File Browser
Fix minimized compilation bug when using "show desktop".
Fixed problem of reading CD-Extra in some CD-ROM drives (data track not readable).
The database dialog did not display CD entries with identical hash values correctly. Instead the same entry was displayed several times.
The progress during the cache phase works smoother.
Fix main windows flickering during resize.
BurnStatus colors repaint correctly on different desktop-settings while burning

This new version jumped from 13351 to 19171 KB !!

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no news bout new bugs yet

tell us what you may find
yep, same here, so far so good, no probs detected yet

For me at least NERO 5.5.X.X has worked better than other more praised burning apps. Went back to it after trying them all (for regular CD burnings I mean). Might be something with each one system and tastes (ie; I do like better brunnettes than blondes, white than red wine, soccer than (USA) football, meters than foots, jazz than rap, clintons than bushes, brazil than irak, me than you, ...did I make my point?) ;)