Mozilla firefox

Im using latest version2.x-something and it takes betwwen 0-30%cpu and up to 100 m of ram-is that normal couse ie use much less??
I would like to keep firefox,tryed reinstalling still too much cpy??:confused:
I think the newest version is, some extensions can cause high cpu usage like flashblock if U are usin Adblock at the same time, try runnin it with safe mode, there should be a safe mode option in Ur start menu entry for it :)

BaNzI :D
Thanks for answer bud,just saw it now..
I like firefox more and more and really i will keep it...
Somebody know and can recomend some good extension for it..:)
Two i would always recommend would be adblock plus & noscript, there are great if u surf the darker side o the web & noscript can stop almost all javascript exploits & driveby installs of malware :)

Here is a screenie of my extension list

BaNzI >D