MobileMeter (CPU temperature/HDD temperature and more)

MobileMeter is a system monitoring utility designed for laptop PCs running under the Windows environment. It can show the following information.

* CPU clock
* CPU temperature
* Battery charge/discharge rate
* HDD temperature

Desktop PCs are usually designed to allow the OS to directly read the sensor values, but this is not true in most laptop PCs. Mobilemeter may be able to read the temperature even in such laptop PCs.

System requirements

Windows 2000 or Windows XP
This utility does not run under Windows NT4/95/98/Me


* ACPI must be implemented. (This is true for most fairly new PCs.)
* ACPI must be used for CPU temperature control. This may be true depending on how the system is designed. This is not true in most desktop PCs, but true in some laptop PCs.
* The system must be designed to obtain the correct battery status information in order for this utility to show the battery charge/discharge rate.
* HDD must be connected directly to the on-board IDE controller and designed to return the temperature in order for this utility to show the HDD temperature.

MobileMeter relies on the OS for obtaining the CPU temperature. This functionality may be affected by certain OS behaviors and sometimes screwed up by the Service pack installation.


For installation, just unzip the file in a folder and launch mobilemeter.exe. This program requires administrator privilege.

For uninstallation, first terminate Mobilemeter, then delete the folder containing the files. Mobilemeter uses a driver but it is automatically deleted when terminated. It uses no registry entry.

You can download MobileMeter from here it's free!