Media Player Classic 6476 & 7 not playing real audio streams

last's Media Player Classic 6476 & 7 are not playing real audio streams for me anymore (like CD previews at Record Stores sites) as previous versions did and still does well (had to get back to MPC 6475). But they do do ra files from my HD or .wma streams. All mpc options are keept within it's .ini file so is not that. I'm using a real codecs v. replacement (not last real alternative nor the real shet) but I guess can't be that cause good old MPC 6475 still plays those streams as everything else

Anyone else with this same prob? :confused:
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Yup, its a known problem with both 76\77
Gabest: Use 6475 for http urls. In the latest I forgot to initialize sockets on the thread which is peeking the mime type.
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tnx bionic, always good to see you're not alone. Actually I went to gabest but didn't find that info (guess didn't search well enough)