LOOKING for a PEGASUS email export program to export to FOXMAIL or OUTLOOK EXPRESS !?

LOOKING for a PEGASUS email export program to export to FOXMAIL or OUTLOOK EXPRESS !?

anyone know how to convert pegasus emails/addresses to either FOXMAIL or OUTLOOK EXPRESS

as i need to convert my pegasus mails over to foxmail :)

if i can export to outlook FOXMAIL can import outlook stuff :)

reason everytime i try mailing 1 mb or more attachments or gettin 1mb or mor e my XP crashes out :(

so trying FOXMAIL :)

any help appreciated :)
OK I did it :) without the above tool too :)

heres how (note this is for addresses only that have been sent/replied to not mails) :)

open pegasus mail

HIT F3 to open address books and distribution lists,

make a new distribution list under the distribution lists tab hit the NEW LIST BUTTON i gave mine the name viper :)

next make sure the new named list is highlighted in the box to the left ,

then hit addresses and choose the recently used tab this should give a list of all emails you have mailed to or replied to :)

highlight them all by clicking the 1st one in the list and scrolling down and choose the bottom address holding the shift key to highlight all of them then hit add to add them ALL :)

then hit save make a note of the name thats given now next to your list name with the extension .pml mine in this case was LIST22D9.PML

You need to find this file in your pegasus mail folder mine was in my default installation folder of C:\PMAIL\MAIL\ADMIN Yours maybe different you need to either use FIND FILES in the start menu and put in the name of the above mentioned .PML list to locate it :)

copy this file to your desktop for an easy to find reference point :)

ok now open this file with notepad or text editor and remove these two lines
\TITLE viper

or whatever it says and then save the file using save as and make sure you have it set to .txt :)

now you should have a text file of your email addresses :)

ok thats the hard part over with phewwwwww :)

next you need to use the windows ADDRESS BOOK found under programs/accessories

open address book and then choose OTHER ADDRESS IMPORT from the file menu and chose TEXT FILE (comma seperated values) and open the txt (text) file you created using the browse button you have to change the dropdown in the file types to .txt to see it . :)

Hit next and then click change mapping and then choose first name then click finish this should of imported the text list to the windows address book .... YAY :)

ok now for the final part .....

now finally choose EXPORT as address book WAB and give it a name :)

ok all done now you have a WAB file that you can now IMPORT to FOXMAIL WHOOOOT :)

open FOX MAIL and choose ADDRESSES then choose tools import .WAB file and import you newly converted ADDRESSES.wab file and there you have it your PEGASUS mail is now imported to FOXMAIL :)

note you can also import this list into any client that uses .WAB file format i guess :)

long way to do it ..... yeah i know ..... but it works for me :)

i wrote this long but working guide btw lol :)

and tested it to be working :)

so much for so called conversion programs lol :D