k3b 0.11 is out!


* K3b has a new look created by Everaldo, the crystal man. But the original look from Ayo is still there and may be choosen in the new thememanager. Yes, that's true, K3b has a simple thememanager. ;)
* Thankt to Carsten Niehaus we now have a simple K3b Handbook.
* Completely reimplemented CD Copy featuring Multisession and Enhanced Audio CD Copy, CD-Text directly or via Cddb and no use of cdrdao which caused so much trouble in the past.
* VideoCD ripping which allows you to rip the MPEG videos to harddisk.
* New CD image writing dialog which replaced the dialogs for ISO9660 image writing and cue/bin image writing. It includes auto detection of the image type and cdrecord clone image support.
* Greatly enhanced Audio decoding:
o Generic resampling support for all decoder plugins. That means K3b now properly decodes non 44100 Hz files.
o Generic support for mono files.
o Support for 8bit Wave files.
o Thanks to John Steele Scott we now have a FLAC decoding plugin.
o Technical info of the audio files is displayed in the audio track properties now.
o I even finished a Monkey Audio decoding and encoding plugin. But since the author of the Monkey Audio SDK did not answer to my mails I cannot release it yet. :(
* Much better meta tag handling in audio encoding (for example one may now add the album name).
* Automatic writing speed selection which always chooses the highest possible speed with the used media.
* New option to ignore the speed setting for DVD writing since some writers refuse it.
* Enhanced DVD Copy to determine the proper track size. Now even bootable DVDs should be copied properly.
* One may now overwrite files from an old session in the data project.
* Greatly enhanced data verification without mounting the device. So no problems with supermount anymore.
* Joliet-long support: Using 103 chanracter joliet names.
* Auto detection of Justlink in addition to Burnfree.
* Full kernel 2.6 support (thanks to Ismail (cartman) Dömez)
* Added a script which starts the K3bSetup2 KControlCenter module since a lot of users had problems finding it.
* A lot of little improvements and fixes.
Edit: Mandrake 9.1 RPMs are ready http://nzlinux.orcon.net.nz/k3b.html
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"kcmshell k3bsetup2" still doesn't work here (Mandrake 9.2)- but this is due to bug(s - many of them...) in KDE's modules of 9.2.
Funnily enough I've heard that it works great on Mandrake 10 beta, but I'd rather not try it... :D
v0.11.3 is now out ;)
This is the first real 0.11 bugfix release. It is highly recommended to update. The VideoDVD project does not work at all in K3b 0.11 and 0.11.1.

Here is a list of the fixes:

  • Fixed the VideoDVD project. It was not sufficient to use the -dvd-video parameter with mkisofs.
  • K3bProcess now has a clean API and a non-stupid implementation which fixes the KDE 3.2 issue way better than the hotfix from 0.11.1.
  • Added read retries and ignore read error options to the DVD copy dialog.
  • Add files to a project by dropping them on the corresponding tab.
  • Removed the query cddb option from the copy dialog since this is configured globally anyway.
  • Fixed media detection problems with Plextor DVD writers.
  • Fixed some on-the-fly DVD copy problems.
Should be 0.11.2. unless he compiled from VCS and the "Mihai script"- but this one is really usable only for RedHat9 and Fedora.
Oh yeah, today 0.11.3 is on the server :)
"...-K3b 0.11.3 released
And yet another bugfix release. :) I just don't have enough CD/DVD drives to test on...

* Fixed multisession writing problems on some systems.
* Fixed capabilites detection on some systems.
* Readded the documentation which I missed the last time..."
For Mandrake 9.1 users the new .rpm is ready:
wat i downloaded was 0.11.2 :( got to re d/l it
just found out that on my kernel 2.6.1,my burner won't burn ,though i managed to detect it...it's related to cdrdao & cdrecord
0.11.4 is out, and the cdrecord probz with kernel 2.6.X resolved. The cdrdao hacks half-work, though...
Simply keep a copy of kernel 2.4.X and switch to that one if you want to burn.
yeah thxx ;)
think i'm gonna do this in case i'm still stuck with kernel 2.6.1 with no burner & modem,i'm gettin tired & bored....:D
0.11.6 is out! Now all DVD-video issues resolved.
Unfortunately still only source tarball and SuSE 9 RM's available- compiling for other distros is a hit-or-miss. I made it very easily for a Vector Linux 4.0 installation (without desktop integration, as Vector comes without KDE- but evything else worked great...), but under Mandrake 9.2 lots of things were not working at all. The best you can hope under MDK still is getting the .04 RPM and instaall it under root console via "urpmi k3b*.rpm" - this way it will also install all dependencies. 0.11.4 is somewhat flawed, but I have hope...
K3b 0.11.9 released

While running through the forest in Freiburg I thought about one of the fixes in K3b 0.11.8 and realized that it is not a fix at all but even makes things worse! :(

For those of you who want to know more: In K3b 0.11.8 I only used 16 bit of the inode number instead of the whole 32 (or whatever the number is depending on the architecture). That means a K3b data project in 0.11.8 is only able to distinguish between 65536 different files...
Well, that's fixed now.

K3b 0.11.8 released

Fixes, fixes, fixes.... here you go. Thanks for reporting. :)

* K3b now searches for the Debian cdrecord wrapper script and properly selects the cdrecord version to use (cdrecord.mmap or cdrecord.shm) based on the kernel version. This should fix all problems with K3bSetup on Debian.
* Fixed writing speed parsing with dvd-patched cdrecord versions.
* Add leading zero to tracknumber meta data field when encoding audio tracks.
* Fixed data project size calculation if files from different devices have the same inode number.
* It is now possible to enter hexadecimal values in the boot image load segment fields.
* Fixed external program encoder plugin (this includes lame and flac encoding).

Compiled from sourcecode and installed over 0.11.7 this afternoon, everything was smooth and fast...
K3b 0.11.10 released
The next major K3b version still needs some time. To ease the waiting I prepared another K3b 0.11 bugfix release. It fixes a lot of little issues and contains a backport of the audio project beautification I am currently working on.
Here is a list of changes:

* Support Mp3 files starting with multiple ID3 tags.
* Improved ~ handling in the QuickDirSelector.
* Save/Load composer fields in audio projects.
* Save/Load default DVD Copy reading device.
* Fixed cdrecord output parsing on Debian.
* Added checks for all TEAC R5XS compatible (and thus non-MMC) writers. They will be properly detected now.
* Fixed writing speed detection with some DVD writers.
* Fixed capacity detection with some DVD writers.
* Fixed VideoCD creation with enabled PBC.
* Remember the last directory in the filebrowser.
* Do not remove successfully created CD/DVD copy images if the writing fails and the user requested to keep the image.
K3B seems to be in a mature phase, I was rather surprised to see how cleanly and easily the source was compiled in that new release without any special configuration sheets ( just the typical recommended "./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`" switch).