Is there any A/V for Non Profit orgs? free

I volunteer my SPare time to Bushvision (non profit org) and problem we have is finding a A/V for 10 pc's on netowork.... wondering whether there is any good a/v that is free and can be run on 10 pc's ...AVG is only allowed on 1 pc per non profit org .... notice other free ones stat home edition... anyone can help me with this slight problem .... other is been no profit org they have no money .. well very little ...thx :confused:

:) Relocated by Rastabt.... ;)
maby worth trying a polite official email (use the org's email if they have one ) to AVG explain the situation and that its a non profit org and that you would like to use AVG on just 10 machines but cannot afford a business licence .... see what they have to say !?

you never know they may allow you to use the free version on all 10 machines as you are none profit or at least maby be able to offer a discounted package :)

you could also try emailing the other anti virus makers too :)

avast is a good anti virus too along with nod32 :)