ImgBurn v1.1.0.0


Added: 'Verify' mode for both CDs and DVDs.
Added: 'Discovery' mode for testing out media to full / custom capacity without the need for an image.
Added: Support for queuing up images to burn (with full Drag 'n' Drop support).
Added: Support for specifying how many copies of an image to burn (within Queue window).
Added: Support for Drag 'n' Drop of multiple images / folders (containing images) to Write mode's 'Source' box.
Added: Export of graph data from previous burn.
Added: Display of graph data from previous burn - using DVDInfoPro. Now you can see pretty graphs showing you exactly what speed your drive was burning at and when.
Added: Overburning support for DVD+R discs in BenQ (and other?) writers.
Added: 'Test Mode' for DVD+R/+RW/+R DL media when using a BenQ drive that supports the feature.
Added: New device capabilities window to replace old method that just used a MessageBox.
Added: Additional methods of finding a nice layer break position on a dvd.
Added: Recent Files list to File menu and context menu on the 'Browse' buttons.
Added: Enhanced 'File Association' code to overcome certain problems where the associations wouldn't be visible in the explorer context menu.
Added: Support within the installation program for disabling DVD Decrypters file associations.
Added: Some additional lines in the log when burning double layer discs so the user knows when layer 0 / layer 1 are being written.
Added: /CLOSESUCCESS CLI switch. Will only close the program after a successful burn/verify - unlike /CLOSE which closes regardless of what happens!.
Added: /WAITFORMEDIA CLI switch so /START /CLOSE doesn't mean the program loads / quits if the drive isn't ready.
Added: Media ID is now displayed for DVDRAM media.
Added: 'Display IFO Layer Break Information' to Tools -> ISO menu.
Added: Device name/string to the info panel when there is no disc in the drive.
Added: Support for Ctrl-A in change volume label edit boxes.
Added: Support for Ctrl-A in L0 Sectors edit box in the Settings dialog.
Added: Additional limiting of L0 Sectors edit box to numbers only.
Added: 'All' and 'None' buttons for file association stuff in the settings.
Added: ISO9660 field in label change dialog now always uses uppercase.
Added: Character counter to the change volume label dialog box.
Added: Settings -> Events -> On Startup -> Set Program Mode.
Added: Settings -> General -> Warnings -> Images Still Queued (prompts to save queue when you exit the program if there is more than 1 image in it).
Added: Ability to save/load queue (new .IBQ file type (stands for: ImgBurn Queue)).
Added: Some more code for BD and HD DVD drives - to support write/erase etc. (not tested yet, obviously! - anyone got a spare drive?!).
Added: Current / Maximum Format Capacity to the info panel in Write/Discovery modes for rewritable discs.
Added: BETA support for Layer Jump Recording (alternative to DAO and Incremental on DVD-R DL media) - Must be enabled via registry key.
Added: Double click 'Graph Data File: ' log entry to display that IBG file in DVDInfoPro.
Added: 'Layer Jump Recording' capability to the Drive Capabilities page.
Added: Warning message when burning DVD-R DL media and Layer Jump Recording is not supported/being used.
Added: Support for latest version of bitsetting in LiteOn drives.
Changed: 16x16 icon now also has the flame in it.
Changed: The old SpeedButtons for a custom built PngSpeedButton - The images look nicer ;-).
Changed: Pressing F5 now refreshes the image info, not just device info.
Changed: 'Max Speed' is now sampled more frequently to hopefully provide a more accurate value.
Changed/Fixed: Patin-Couffin 'Lock Volume - Exclusive Usage' code. New drivers (post version 32) were not made backwards compatible with old IOCTLs.
Changed/Fixed: Method of calculating free sectors on media - mainly for DVD+RW and DVDRAM (fix was needed for DVDRAM).
Fixed: Could lose the layer break dialog if minimised to system tray when it pops up.
Fixed: UDF allowing too many chars in the field without any message to say it will be truncated.
Fixed: Unable to delete folder of image you've just 'browsed to' and burnt.
Fixed: Devices drop down box now looks disabled when it is disabled.
Fixed: Burning to DVDRAM didn't issue any erase/format/overwrite dialog boxes - even when they were needed.
Fixed: Double clicking log entries wasn't correctly parsing the strings for 'known' variables.