I'm leaving the forum .......

Not much to say my good friend and mentor and fellow pansie smasher =).
Good and bad times pass here and everyone always remembers the good in you... only good/great men can achieve that.
Take care my chook friend and I hope we keep in touch and see each other in Australia sometime... or wherever in the world we are (at the same time).
thanks for all the years of sharing your knowledge in that friendly manner; :)
a sad day for the forum, but we all understand your decission; i whish you and your family all the best; now it's your time for more "real life";

Greetings from
Hello ChickenMan,

I hope you enjoy the quality time with your family.

I thank you for all the assistance you have provided.


Really Sorry To Hear That Chickenman.. You've Been A Great Help..
Which I Now Wish You The Best Of Luck In Your Future, Hope The Best In Success For You...

Regards :( :(


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Best wish to MR. Chickenman

Thank you very very much for all your help and your tools that you provide for me when I just start to get invole and learning this hobby.... when I need the most you are there and even when I pop out the stupid questions you are always there to explain to me over and over. Thank you for a million times for all your kindness and warm heart to treat some new bee like me in this new hobby. I really don't want to see you go but as you said..job ,family that are more important. Take care of yourself and the best to you and your family. :D :) :( :eek:

Carl Lock

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Thanks for your help

You may not remember me. A year ago you suggested I use Ulead software. After one year I have successfully transferred 30 vhs tapes to minidv tape and then using the software you suggested ...to DVD . The software worked great. It didn't have the problems of other software I tried. Thanks again.
When I first started out, I didn't know my Vobs from my AC3's, until there was 'Chickenman'.....Now I've successfully converted over 200 films! You have taught me a lot, whether in this forum or others and have always been there for me .

A tear to my eye. They say all good things come to an end and you are certainly one of them.

Take care sweetheart
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All the best Chickenman !!
Have known you for years and learnt alot from you !
Shame I never got around to having a beer with you.

Matt aka Bagman