If you use AFTERDAWN, read NOW!

(sorry to post in "forum news", but this is an urgent alert and would be lost elsewhere)


Changes to Finnish law, hostile to freedom, require a number of things to be removed from the site or edited to eliminate potentaily contravening content - the article carries a list of what will have to be removed by Jan 1 2006

It has already been rounded up by "freedom fighters" and posted as a torrent

Some guides are pleced under "creative commons" licence, so anyone in juristictions that do not place corporations above individuals are free to mirror - sadly, moving to Antigua like CloneCD was not possible.

I bet their bandwith is going to be large this month, know what I mean, as the prevoisly fairly easy going legislation meant they may be the last refuge of some discontinued software.
It's a shame that things like this are a priority on a politician's list,while there are so many REAL important things that need to be focussed on....:cool: