I Want To Know If This Prog Exists...

Hi Guy's

Id like to know is there any tools prefebly standalone, for searching for any plugins for audio and video, also so it can search plugin pack like nero pack, nimo pack etc...

Windows XP'S Add/remove dont show them... So if there is a Freeware Prog that does that please let me know...

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zoom player lists in the options all filters (audio + video) that are registered in windows:
zoom player standard -> player options -> manual filters -> registered filter manager
you can remove them there and change the merit (priority) of the filter

dont know any standalone tool ...

Directshow Filter Manager

There's also something similar from RADLIGHT, in their forums, but I wouldn't recommend ANYTHING from RADLIGHT because of their disgraceful attack on Ad-aware (a version of their player disabled Ad-aware, though they backed out of it pretty sharpish, having underestimated the fury that would result)
Gspot will also show you both a list of all known codecs and what codecs are installed in your rig. It won't however search in a codec pack and since it hasn't been updated in a while won't show you newly designed codecs like matroska. :(


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Why Remove the Codec??

Umm...Why would you want to remove a CODEC??

Once you remove it from your system, you will not beable to access that codec again? .... My opinion is that you leave it alone!!

But if u really/desperately need to remove it..
Search for the (filename) to remove
(if its not in Add/Remove window).

Use GSPOT to find what CODEC (AX/DLL..) you will need to remove,
dont just go deleting something.

----==== EXAMPLE ONLY ====----
DivxDec.AX (Divx Decoder)
3ivxDSDecoder.AX (3ivx Decoder)
Divx.DLL (Divx 5.1.1 Codec)

But i wouldnt try messing around with Windows or you could crash the system. But have it your way.

Matrix :D

Is this GSPOT a standalone program.. Does it unregister the codec it self if I wanted to remove it...

Yes & no (but planned in later versions)

Heres an easy way to unreg filters

1) Open your AVI with GSpot

2) Click RENDER button in bottom of GSpot window

3) Click on "Rendering Successful" button for codec info

Unregister using this command:
RegSvr32.exe /u <filterFileNameAndPath>

You can restore unregistered filter any time using:
RegSvr32.exe <filterFileNameAndPath>


matrix_24_au said:
Umm...Why would you want to remove a CODEC??

Matrix :D
sometimes these so called wonder mega codecs packs can cause more hassle than its worth ..hence the need to remove any redundant ones or incompatible ones that they install :(

more often than not TOO MANY CODECs can cause loads of problems when they counter act each other :(
So VIPER is there an easy solution on how to remove them safe & soundly with out harming the PC..

I Have A P3 2 x 1000mhz.. It means the worlds to me...
you know any programs that keep pc monitored

cuz what happend is i left my pc locked

and came back i had to sign in again

now when you lock the pc you dont have the facility to shutdown or restart until you log off

So i need a proggy to tell me the last action made and also what did the pc do.

Im using Windows XP SP1

It might have been reseted i dont know but I need something that tracks that or with in them lines

Which is the best tools for network monitoring, where I can allocate a specific speed for internet, see wat site are bieng surfed and block them etc..

Need the best one please
Hi Guy's

I Need To Know What Software Is Good For Setting Up Bandwith..
I Mean Give A User A Limited Bandwith For My Internet Connection..
All other software i heard of can only tell you how many you spent or how much youre getting it..
This one is actually limiting it-just the way you like it and want it..anyway.. :D