How to burn on a CD-R a VCD video, a JPEG picture and a MP3 music song?


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Using Multisession or any other technique, Can I, on the same CD-R, burn a video (as a VCD mode I guess), an image as a JPEG , and a piece of MP3 music?
Depends on the type of system you want it to work with, not much point making VCD unless it's for a VCD player, as the format is pretty old, and rather limited.

Many of the "play anything" DVD players will have better options, in which case, you would just pile a video in a format they can use, jpeg files and MP3 alll into an ordinary data CD.

Mixing other content into VCD is possible, but needs a lot more attention to detail.


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Thank you LTR12101B ,Super Moderator .
I have made a VCD using Nero Mulrimedia Suite 10 and I have played this video VCD on my DVD Player Toshiba.
What I haven't done yet is to add to that CD-R an image (JPEG) and then an MP3 file for being reproduced on my DVD.
Thank you for youe help.
If you're making it as a VCD, it looks like you can put other files (for instance, a software player for PCs, which some VCD making programs add) into the root (\) of the disk, but they won't play in VCD mode.

To integrate as a VCD, you'd have to do them as stills and a menu soundtrack.

Also, if your player supports it, DiVX would offer much better quality. Inbetween that in both quality and levels of support, is SVCD