How do I configure Zonealarm?

How do I configure Zonealarm pro 7 to allow my son who shares the network with me to surf on the internet. I've placed his computer in the trusted zone and in internet but sometimes he has access to the internet and sometimes he doesn't.
A pc shouldn't be in both zones. Pick trusted if you want to netwotk the 2 pcs together and remove from the internet zone. That may clear up the problem.
I tried that without any luck. I even uninstalled ZA and reinstalled it but it's giving me the same problem. I haven't had problems with network configuration with any other firewall that I've installed until now. I must say I'm disappointed with ZA.
ZA7 has issues but connectivity has not been one that I have heard of. I would suggest their tech support forum for more answers. A google search will point the way.
It's ICS. I don't want to buy anything new right now cause we are working with antique computers and have other priorities. I've installed another firewall and it's working fine. I was using the trial version of ZA btw.
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