how can i copy The Sims?


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I have a Pioneer A0-6 and want to back-up a copy of my Sims games, my young nephews an neice are tearing these discs up...think they are toys. I try to keep them away from the games but somehow they end up on the floor, scratched.
well i wouldn't mind it so much if they were beating up "copies" of the games, if ya know what i mean.
I have Nero Burning Rom 6, but i doubt it will directly back up the game, is there any other software that i should use to decrypt the game first to by-pass the anti-copy stuff? or will Nero do it all?
The sims games are protected by safedisc and safedisc 2....Alcohol 120% will back them up for you using the built in safedisc and safedisc 2/3 profiles although if i remember rightly the A0-6 is only a 1 sheep burner so you will need Bypass EFM Error checked in the safedisc 2/3 profile. Alcohol 120% is available Here.....Check out This Tutorial aswell. To check which protection is on the various sims titles you can use A-ray scanner or Alcoholer available can also use clony xxl available Here...
if this is the ORIGINAL SIMS the 1st SIMS Game then using ALCOHOL and the safedisk profile it should make a good copy with no extra fiddling :)

or use CLONE CD and use the safedisk profile :)