HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE for dialup users read in :) ................


As far as im aware it works on other lines too besides B.T. i cannot test for sure but its freeware so costs nothing to try/test :)

When you're connected to the Internet with your dial-up connection, problems can occur if you unknowingly download an Internet 'dialler', which changes the way that you connect to the Internet.

This could result in your dial-up number being changed to an international or premium rate number, giving you higher than average phone bills.

BT Privacy Online will help protect your computer from such scams while you are using your dial-up connection. It gives you:
Modem Protection software to help keep your modem safe from malicious Internet 'diallers'

And what's more it's FREE.

It works by it flashes up a warning box if when/ifanother number than the ones you specify are being dialled and asks you if you wish to permit it or not using a VISUAL code much the same as when you register here or other forums if no code is entered it will not allow the connection to be stored or connected :)

disconnection is done in the normal way :)

this does not take over your dialup settings it monitors if the number that you set it to remember is changed or any other is dialled with the computer :)

get it here
Unrelated, but also worth mentioning...

BT Privacy at Home is TPS registration (where reputable direct marketing companies may not call) and free Caller ID (and most modems will support caller ID, if some sort of voicemail application is included).

Most (maybe all) DECT cordless phones also support CLI - so unless expecting a call from a hospital switchboard or other legitimate source that cannot supply CLI, then you either don't answer, or be ready to put the phone down immediately, on the junk calls that are usually without CLI.
Silent calls, you have won a prize etc. - these vermin are as bad as the email spammers.