Help? Anyone Played Airline 69 Return To Casablanca..

:p mojo8850 :p

Hi Im stuck does anyone have an idea on how the game plays..

Also can some one tell me, Has anyone got it to work on WINDOWS XP Pro SP1 Integrated...

I also have a laptop which has windows 98, Its works perfectly on that...

Strange.. HELP?..

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Well Guys...

I didnt get any help from the forum, But id like to say that I managed to get the game to run on WINDOWS XP SP1...
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I forgot I have also completed the game.... A very short game but a good one to play.... Thank god I have finished it...

You Need to Install The Latest INDEO VIDEO V5 Plugins...
You Cant Download It from any where has to be purchased from The company...

It was ticking me off so I decided to purchase the Plugins....
Hope It Helps...

If You Guys Need Help Towards The Game Then Please Contact Me
Ill be Happy to help...

Indeo V5 - INCLUDED in pre-SP1 WinXP, and preserved after applying SP1, but AFAIK not present in SP1 Installs or slipstreamed SP1.

I believe it also appears in some "CODEC packs".
I have SP1 installed didnt work tried nimo codec pack didnt work, You have to have INDEO V5 Plugins...

I also installed nero plugin pack still no luck...


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mojo, I need your help!

:) hey
I'm looking for a walkthrough a long time can you help me into getting started... I have the malthese falcon what the hell do I have to do with it...
how can talk to the gouvernor and how can I run the brothel

please help

send to my email... WE don't recommend doing this we say send him a pm instead>>>>PC-GUY

thanks xxx

Here's A Quick F.A.Q Guide I've Written Now I Dont Want To Give Out The Full Walkthrough Now Do I, Then Ruining Your Game.. But These Hint's Should Be Easy To Point Out..

The beginning:¶

¶The at the beginning of this play is clear, with 1,000 dollar initial capital applies it as fast as possible to more moneys to come.¶By the on and sales of cheap goods with different dealers one approaches gradually to more expensive goods and gains thereby larger profits.¶

¶Usually the dealers accept a discount of 10% and an increase of the price with the purchase of goods over up to 20% with the sales.¶

¶The prices in the play obey not the law of supply and demand, but remain constantly, independent over the entire play of it, a dealer already possesses how many units of a commodity.¶On the last side this FAQs is a table of the dealers and the respective selling prices of the goods.¶

¶Some dealers increase their offer at goods automatically again, if their whole offer were bought up.¶Thus one will be able to buy daily two photo cameras for example with Sydney on the bazaar.¶I marked some these goods in the table yellow.¶

¶It is worthwhile itself to click also at the beginning simply, also where not at first sight something to be found is not.¶One finds the video roles of the Darstellerin from the Intro, e.g. in the garbage container beside the police building.¶

¶Small Cheat:¶One can store in the Casino DURING the pack of cards.¶Thus one can make fast coal, is however boring; -)¶

Which to do with the whole money:¶

¶With approximately 5,000 dollar prepared one is to begin the references to buy.¶Here do not exaggerate, 2,000 dollars should keep one still.¶
¶Some references serve only as an assistance for the play for being able to do others necessarily around the play up to the end plays.¶

¶Some helpful references:¶
Places of residence of smuggler boats, smuggler airplanes etc..¶
Information about the characters ¶

¶Needed references:¶
Place of residence of the Nomaden ¶
Description of way to the German airplane basis ¶
Description of way to the abandoned village ¶

¶If one is nice to the first Nutte in the brothel, she gives the key to having ski office, which is likewise needed for terminating the play.¶

With a hand of full references one makes:¶

¶The missions, naturally:¶
· With camera and film photograph the fleet.¶One can sell the photos with Sydney.¶
· With camera and film photograph the German airport.¶But one asks the police woman to close the soldier for some days in the prison.¶
· On the German airport steal the airplane.¶This lands then in the abandoned village.¶
· One sells and receives the reference over the daughter of the governor at thick for it the first part of the coin.¶

¶One can the references also further sell, I personally has her however all, up to for thick, keep.¶

¶In the abandoned village two open new possibility of making money.¶First is from fruit to burn by coal available on the bazaar, liquor the second, if mab the airplane stole, orders for flight to settle.¶

¶If an order for flight is available, one finds these on a list in the house below the Schnapsbrennerei.¶There one can accept the order and at 13 o'clock respective tags appears from alone the inquiry whether one would like to accomplish the flight mission.¶

¶The weapons on board the airplane are unnecessary, one can at the most fun thereby have opposing airplanes to shoot.¶That is however expensively, since a full charge costs ammunition 1,000 dollar, often more than one by the order earned.¶
¶The more orders one, the more strongly improve the reputation and one accomplish get ever more moneys per order.¶
¶One should not forget to repair and fill up the airplane after the landing.¶

The bad bad illegal actions:¶

¶With the camera one cannot only operate espionage, but her also in the brothel in each room to use to get over on the next morning a handful of brothel photos.¶Who "Wet - The Sexy Empire" played white which one thereby makes, i.e. people to captivate to come over to still more moneys.¶One finds the envelopes with the money on the next day on the Klo of the Cafés.¶

¶Which one finds also still on the Klo is poor chaps, only in peace pinkeln wants.¶We are however in common and strike them from the rear unconscious, whereby we come sometime to their purses and to the second part of the coin.¶

¶Hopefully one comes also sometime with the whole action into the prison.¶If not, simply all characters announce to the police woman.¶In few days one is then in the Knast (over needs one rauszukommen about 2,000 dollar!).¶

¶In the Knast one, exactly as suggested in the reference already, finds a loose stone and behind it the last part of our coin.¶

I am rich, I have everything that now:¶

¶If one has 40,000 dollar, one goes into Hatschi's office and calls our nice Darstellerin on (who has problems the number to select:¶XXXPAIN), buys on the bazaar a camera and a film, goes to the luxury hotel and orders themselves there a room.¶In the room one hides the camera and sets then all attitudes for the party to maximum, thus the best Girls, the leaking first meal, many beverages and naturally expensive tickets.¶Our beautiful Darstellerin takes part in surprise, likewise the governor and the police woman in the party and.¶

¶At the end of the party one makes hopefully a little money in addition, but many more importantly, one has extortion photos of the hochnaesigen governor.¶

¶If one has the photos AND the complete coin, one sends the photos to the governor and goes on the following day to him.¶From him one gets then the first signature on flight permission.¶With major Krasser one exchanges the coin for the second signature.¶

¶And the play is finished!¶Congratulations!¶

A few last references:¶
Gifts do not only make our friend lucky, if one delivers sufficient gifts with the police woman, give these us papers, which one can sell further.¶
The goods, which appear unreasonable to the sales, will have a reason in the play to exist.¶I have never found out for which "Klopapier, Sexhefte, beer, film projector and Sexfilm" are good, who finds it out can it to me gladly communicate.¶
At the beginning is mentioned, one wants to take over the brothel, but "how" I could not find out.¶
Finally, I never came into the house of the governor.¶