GSPOT codecs tool :) v2.60 b01 - & further updates :)

changelogs and info ..

● v2.60 b01 - 08 Oct 2006

● v2.60 b00 - 04 Sept 2006

FLV, MP4, DV1/2 & Raw DV support, more...
Significant advanced features for technical users
This is a beta-release - not all features are tested or complete yet. It may be of more interest to technical users, although anyone interested should feel free to download & try it. It is not at all difficult to "use" (Basically just "File -> Open"), but much of the new information provided is of a rather technical nature. But it may tell you exactly what you need to know. See next note.
Includes unique "Visual GOP Structure" (VGS) subsystem - see screenshots
Ironically, some simpler features for casual users, (e.g. "You need to install codec 'X' to play this file...") are not complete yet. And I am aware that, to a large extent, it is those features that have made GSpot as popular as it is).
This temporary limitation is partially due to the complexities of some of the recently developed multimedia formats and variations thereof. For example, some perfectly valid AVI files now require that you replace Microsoft's poorly written "AVI Splitter" with a 3rd party one, even though you have the correct actual codec to play the file. These issues will be addressed in a soon to be released FAQ as well as built in detection for such problems (not complete yet).

download here :)