Graphic benchmark freeware

Graphics benchmark software, free. 17 meg.
It really does 4D renduring stuff etc and gives specific pixel details (numbers) for comparing different graphics cards etc. They sell major graphic develoment software. HUGE program and all it does is run some graphic tests but it is free, It's not like the RedFrog, or whatever, for a HUGE price.

"At last, the gap in benchmark tools has been filled. CINEBENCH 2003 gives our technicians an easy way to accurately test the performance of graphics cards. To find out how fast a graphics card really is, you have to test it with proper software and realistic tasks. And with CINEBENCH 2003, you’re testing how well the card performs when used with a powerful tool for 3D artists (CINEMA 4D). By delivering results you can trust, CINEBENCH sets the new standard for benchmarking.”