Genuine users, please check in:

Fighting bloody spammers daily, is it worth it any more?
Is ANYONE actually left, other than moderators & spammers.

Nobody wants to be the one that says it, but maybe the time has come to say goodbye, we've had a good run, it was fun while it lasted, but even the little quorum of regulars seems to have faded away.

So, anyone about, does anyone care?
Yes, I do care, but I'd sooner see the shutters come down, than this become the kind of spam infested zombie that makes life easy for those spamming scumbags.

One final appeal:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="135" height="55" border="0"></a> Never, EVER buy from spam, if you do, you're paying for more of it.
Sad to say,but I think you're right,LTR......:(
We're a dinosaur from the reason for existance anymore since burning and dvd converting/editing became so easy with the overwhelming amount of all-in-one and 3-click packages.....most of our members moved on since the past years,because there are almost no questions left in this area.
I still check in from time to time, but I never posted all that much so you might not remember me.
"Where is the crack for my ass?" - that still cracks me up when I think of it.
BTW, maybe I shouldn't mention it. but VD*** is back. Recreated really.
I haven't checked in here in many moons, and what do you know - today is the tenth anniversary of the date I signed up. I'm still a noob.
Hey Slippery

Guess what you joined the forum one week before I did. (15-11-2001)

Yeah it was a great warez forum too. I remember cdrbase being my primary warez site, those were the days.

Learnt quite a lot from the pages of this forum.

I remember the time when I learnt about the "net send" command from Woody, he was messing around and sending spooky "net send" messages to my ip address (don't think i knew what a firewall was back then), at first i thought i my computer was being hacked into. (Just like Neo in The Matrix, when Trinity tried to contact him about following the white rabbit.) ... I got excited about nothing after I realised it was Woody messing around. That was funny thinking about it.

I wonder what's Woody upto these days?
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think we all mostly joined around the same time lol

Join Date 06-12-2001

p.s. hello guys lol long time no chat eh?! :p

I miss the good old days too :):)