File Download Manager??

Does anyone know of the best download manager to use with a Rapidshare Account?

I used Rapidget when I used but now my account is with there is no Rapidget that works with it.

I've got Reget Deluxe but as far as I can see that will only let me load one link in at a time, not a lot of good!

What I need is a download manager that lets me enter my login and password in so that it gets the OK from Rapidshare and then lets me load in all the links to download one by one while I get on with something else.

I'm willing to go back to Flashget if anyone recommends it although my spyware checker keeps telling me that it's spyware so I un-installed it the other day.

Thanks for reading.

flashget is ad supported in its freeware state if you pay for it then you will have no adverts this is no doubt why your spyware client is throwing it back at you :)

most users I know of when using rapidshare use rapidget :)

maby other users can add to this :)

I've got a fully paid for version of Flashget and I get a spyware warning not adware and although thousands of folk use it I've never been able to find out why it's called spyware by my spyware checker. (Xoftspy)

As I said, Rapidget only works on not .com but thanks for your input.