Exact Audio copy (0.95beta4)


Check the "what's new", while there may be some improvements, there is also a pre-emptive removal of the "Retrieve native TOC" function.
The german magazin c't published an article whether EAC is or is not violating a german law against circumvention of copy protections on audio CDs. Some of the experts they asked had the opinion that the function of retrieving the native TOC is working at the limit of legality, at best. Due to that article and to eliminate any possibility of legal problems, I decided to remove that function (although I am pretty sure that it is absolutely legal). I always try to make sure to be fully compliant with german law, even if I would interpret the law absolutely differently.
Anyway, there are at least some few bug-fixes in this update, e.g. creating an image having the artist and CD title as filename will now show the file dialog properly when special characters are used.
For the next version it is still planned to add test & copy of CD images and for the version after that I will try to implement Unicode support for freedb queries and main window display and edit.
I am sorry about all this, but please understand my point of view.
This function is somewhat watered down from the "manually retrieve TOC" capability that was removed after 0.95PB3.

Both are measures to correct for possible defective reading due to a damaged disk.

Anyway, put away a copy of PB3 and/or Beta 3, it might just be better at dealing with those defective CD's

If you REALLY want to break CD protection, then go to
Since it includes
Features AnyCDDA: play, copy and rip protected audio CDs
From strength to strength since forced to emigrate to Antigua.

Better still, don't buy any CD that you fear may not be 100% compliant, that may have spyware or rootkit junk that it will install on your PC, that may (as some did to Apple machines) interfere to the extent of locking the drive up.

Listen on the radio, wait for a "best of" CD, it's time for a consumer rebellion against corporate dictarorship of how we listen to content.
One thing to note, using the more recent version and the older one when required may seem like a solution, but it appears that the registry use may be incompatible between the versions.

Buggy? - no buggier than a lot of software seen as fit for non-beta release
Yuh, it's not possible to run both at the same time... a pity.
But if you have a reasonably fast+powerful machine, VMWare server is now free of charge, so you can have both-one at the host OS, and one at the guest.
And in the future, VMWare may not be needed at all- modern mobos/dualcore CPU's support virtualization ( = running two OS'es at the same time in the same machine). The technology is still immature, but after a few months it will become pretty mainstream.