Dvd writer troubleshooting

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Here are a few ideas for helping you with Dvd writer troubles.

First of all most dvd writers work better when connected as Secondary master(leave your Hd's on Primary channel).Make sure the jumper on the back of the writer is set to master when installing.You should use a 40 wire IDE cable to connect it (80 wire is not required Unless HD on same channel).Make sure the OS discovers the new drive on bootup,and that DMA is enabled.

Make sure you have an aspi layer installed.See here .Follow directions for configuring OS in that same thread.

Try to avoid packet writing software.If you really need it only use one software to avoid conflicts/rebooting,etc..

If having problems try disabling virtual drives in Device manager.

The Nvidia IDE driver is also problematic,it is advised to remove it.

Also make sure you use good quality media,the ones recommended by your manufacturer are best.No 2 writers are created equal.

Look around the forum to see what software/media work best.

Check this thread out first to help you,not just for beginners.Hope that helps. ;)
Another thing to keep an eye on is the master/slave jumpers on the back of drives.Make sure to check these for the proper setting when installing or rearranging drive configurations ;) .
The Intel Application Accelerator is also known to cause problems.Removing it sometimes helps.Just another thing to look at if you're having problems.
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