Does This Type Of Proggy Exit..

Hi Guy's..

Just Enquiring On A Little Program.. Which Is Low On Resource, Not Much Of Memory Eater. Etc..

Now For The Proggy.. Is There Something Like That Record's Your Moving On Your Desktop.. Reason Being Is I Help Alot Of People So If There Was A Program I Could Record It By Doing It On My Desktop And Send It To The Person Who Requires Help..

Then He Or She Views It And They See A Recorded Tutorial Done By My Self.

Hope This Is Understanding.. Reply ASAP..

Ciao :) :)
See this thread

There are some valid links remaining, to Camstudio 2.0 - I think I have a copy of that, as well as the ehelp-mangled version 2.1 - there are some other screen-movie grabbers as well, but none as good as Camstudio (or the commercial alternative), Camtasia.

Lotus Software bundles (Smartsuite) used to include SCREENCAM, but I believe they dropped that (not updated for 2000/XP).

The other free one - Bulents screen recorder - now up to version 2.4b, but shareware (logo's the output unless registered) and a lot fatter - looks like 1.5a is still available as well.
Useful CODECS for screen capture are: - Alparysoft lossless - better than HuffYUV, and usable for desktop and "proper" video - don't expect huge compression from lossless though! - Camtasia CODEC - why not use it with Camstudio? - tuned for desktop capture, lossless, but probably poorer than Alparysoft on anything other than low-motion desktop capture.

And you've probably found Camstudio's own, by now....

While wandering, I found this

Starts off in Brazilian, but also has some English FAQ content from the old site - and a link to ... guess where?

You can also make flask movies with it, or encode to other codecs - though if you have the space, I'd suggest you secure a good lossless capture before trying to convert to lower quality formats - the lossless codecs also tend to have less CPU load (if you're really struggling, HuffYUV would be the thing), and it helps if you reduce bit depth and resolution, especially if the foreground task is CPU heavy.

The other element to keep an eye on is the frame rate - if smooth motion is not important, you can drop it pretty low, though a good codec may be able to compress similar frames well.
Hi People..

I Need To Know If There A Program To Remove Plugins & Active X In Internet Explorer.. Which Is Integrated In XP SP2..