DivX - XviD - DVD


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Ok guys, I’m puzzled!

I have 2 dvd players at home, and insignia which is region free – plays EVERYTHING, and a Panasonic UPconvert HD that plays DivX/CDR/CDRW, etc.

I have many episodes/ movies that are in AVI format w/ DivX codec and some are AVI XviD codec. Here’s the problem.

My Insignia plays all, no problem – whether the videos are on a CD or a DVD.

My Panasonic is connected to my home theatre and I prefer to watch HQ Video on it and 5.1 sound!

I have a movie in AVI format, regular DivX (700MB). When I put it on a regular CDR (via Nero Data CD feature), it plays in the Panasonic, but its not 16:9 and the sound is 2CH stereo..
When I take that same AVI-DIVX file, and create a DVD in Nero, that file becomes 3.2GB, and when I put that on a DVD, the video quality is AWESOME and the sound is 5.1 dolby. BUT, the sound is WAY faster than the video. So I can’t really watch the movie.
When I try and put that same file on a DVD via Nero Data DVD, Panasonic says unsupported format…

HUH ?!?!?

An ideas or suggestions ??

Any help is appreciated!