DivX To DvD

Are there any better or quicker way to convert DivX
movies back to DvD.
I've been following Chickenman's way.
It works fine and I'm happy with it.
Just want to know if there's anything better.

Upgrade to the latest DVD2SVCD ver 1.2.2 b1 and use the RoBa option. It will encode now in almost 1/2 the time with no loss (a gain if anything) in quality compared to what earier versions did.

Thanx Chickenman.
Will you be updating your document on the changes
with using the newer version.
I must compliment you.
I live by your documentation.
You've made my life easy with the way you describe everything
in detail.
:) Maybe you should think of writing a book. (Just kidding)
Thanx a million
You are :cool:
Yes, I will most defenitely be updating the Tute as the new option allows for faster and better conversion (I like that :) ) but I need to do a lot of testing to cover all the situations. The 1 major flaw in AVI to DVDR conversions with DVD2SVCD is that there is no AC3 audio conversion, only MP2. That is not standard for NTSC playback (even though I'm in a PAL world). The author is about to release a new version that at least allows the use of the AC3 audio thats in many AVI's now. So that will just make things so much easier and simpler. Its when he releases that version that I'll update the tute. Shouldnt be to long.

I've also got lazy and bought myself a DVD Player that plays DivX & Xvid files direct (6 avi's to a DVDR, I like it :) ), so I'm not doing many avi to dvdr conversions anymore.
You are the man

Hi Chickenman

Yes you are the man.
Only problem is that we (South Africa) don't get the DvD players that can play DivX and Avi movies. It's like living in the stone age.

One of my friends went overseas and didn't know what to look for when I asked him to. BUT when they do come out here I'll be the first to buy.

I should actually do a bit of shopping on the net.
Any make in specific that I should look for??????? (in a player)

JerryM said:
I should actually do a bit of shopping on the net.
Any make in specific that I should look for??????? (in a player)

I would go for a model that has the MediaTek chipset (not the original Sigma or ESS chipsets) as they are more advanced and have support for all versions of DivX and Xvid with many advanced xvid options. Model names differ from country to country, but I bought the Trio DX-628. You can start reading about these divx players at an Aussie forum http://forums.eyo.com.au/forumdisplay.php?f=42