Different search engines


Hi all.
Have used any search engines other than Google ?
Other search engines are
* A9 (//http://www.a9.com/)
* AOL (//http://www.aol.com/)
* AURA! (//http://aura.research.microsoft.com/)
* blinkx (//http://www.blinkx.com/)
* boing (//http://www.boing.mobi/)
* bookmach.com (//http://www.bookmach.com/)
* BOXXET (//http://www.boxxet.com/)
* ChaCha (//http://www.chacha.com/)
* ClipBlast!(//http://www.clipblast.com/)
* Clusty (//http://clusty.com/)
* collarity (//http://www.collarity.com/)
* CometQ (//http://www.cometquery.com/)
* CONGOO (//http://www.congoo.com/)
* d e c i p h o (//http://www.decipho.com/)
* del.icio.us (//http://delicious.com/)
* digg (//http://digg.com/)
* digg labs swarm (//http://labs.digg.com/swarm/)
Not forgetting....

Wolfram|Alpha - Wolfram Alpha, a "knowledge engine" more than a search engine, without equal in any area where it does contain expert knowledge
alpha (beta) - A rather odd one from Yahoo
Bing - Microsoft's attempt to dominate, best known for the video clip preview - be careful if the pointer drifts onto a NSFW

Clusty the clustering search engine - Cluster search, why search one engine at a time, when you can hit a bundle of them?
Web search powered by:
Open Directory

This makes Clusty a very good second line of search to Google, as between two searches, you can hit the biggest, and several of the alternatives.

Aww shame, the delightful Ms Dewey is no more, figuring out how to taunt the search hostess into amusing set pieces was interesting, when there was nothing better to do.