DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 may break optic disc functionallity on your system

Caution DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 breaks ripping with Exact Audio Copy, Nero recording on RW media and who knows what else

check here http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=16640

I couldn't guess what was happening, but suddenly EAC not only wasn't working, it would crash and give the blue screen if an audio cd was in the tray!! plus Nero not recording on RW media (buffer overflows sh*t)

thought it might be DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 but uninstalling it didn't solve the problem, cause it doesn't uninstall the SPTD 1.43 driver which seems to be causing all the mess, you have to use the SPTD installer (SPTDinst-v143-x86.exe: http://www.duplexsecure.com/download/SPTDinst-v143-x64.exe)

so I have to uninstall DEMON T.v4.09.1 plus uninstall the SPTD drivers to get EAC to work fine again, then you can go back to DT 4.08 with the SPTD 1.37 driver :cool:

dammit, I spent a whole day messing up all kind of things until I found the solution from people reporting this problems with DEMON T 4.09, well with SPTD 1.43 :mad:
Thx for the heads up, been weary of daemon tools for a while now since a while back, kept running into bluescreens after install :)
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It appears to be an issue if you had a previous version of SPTD less than 1.39. I'm running trouble free now. :cool:


"It comes to our attention that some users runned into trouble while upgrading to latest Daemon Tools version. This issue only occurs if you have runned previously SPTD-driver version <1.39. To solve this problem, please update first SPTD-driver, using this download-location:


Reboot after SPTD1.43 installed, then proceed with DT-installation as usual"
so what? all I have to do now is to find the SPTD1.39 installer to uninstall those SPTD drivers, reboot, install SPTD1.43, reboot, install DemonTools4.09.1, reboot and.. as you may have noted already, I may be even missing one more reboot

thanks the almighty I have nothing better to mess with life or the computer

and tnx dx, tnx demon computers ;)