comodo software

has anyone heard of this software? on their site they offer free firewall and antivirus.....

from what ive read on the net the firewall seems to be good...can anyone shed any light on their products i.e are they sh*t or does it do what it says on the tin

Firewall ok, some other stuff has a lancher that offends freeware purists by being too strong an advert for their other stuff. Not sure if tahat applies to the AV, though that has very little history compared to something like AVG or Avast. - also worth a look as a firewall - Apache licenced. Has a frightening level of control, as it appears you can also restrict applicaion access to files, directories, registry keys etc. Looks like you could well lock yourself out of everything with it, but the level of controll also has a potential for anti-malware application, such as guarding any possible start points for ying unwanted junk into.