Application checks your CDs (or some other media) and tells you which files are corrupted. It can also do a binary compare with copy on disk (prefered if possible). It is especially useful for testing old CDs or just burned CDs to see if they are OK. If some files are corrupted that means it would be wise to move your data to some other media or copy it on another CD.
Application is very simple. You select the CD-ROM drive in which the CD you want to check is. Application then checks the CD, displaying status. When done, all errors are reported.

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It works quite well Wedge. It helped me recover some important lost files back when I was using CDRW (I don't anymore ;)). Still use it after I burn a CDR to verify it went well and confirm that it is safe to delete those master files.

However, version 3 (latest version) has a different link....