CD+G Mediaclog

I have an old CD+G Sound Choice karaoke disc that has the old Mediaclog copy protection. It won't even play on a PC (plays fine on karaoke player) and I've used all the tricks and software I can find to make a copy of it. Anybody here have any success removing Mediaclog? Discjuggler doesn't work and neither does MTUStudio. CloneCD copies on it for 10 hours without success. I have most of the songs on other discs and can get the rest. This is just a personal project that I didn't want to give up on, yet! LOL

I had read that thread already. I've tried all the 'tricks' Google had to offer. I guess it's time for me to give up on it. The last time I tried something it froze my PC. Mediaclog lives up to its name. it clogs your PC for sure.
Only other thing, dig out any old versions of Exact Audio Copy you can locate, they were written before things started getting hot for anti-protetection, and may be stronger at ripping through some violations of standards.
I tried an older version and the latest and no joy. They don't seen to have the ability to copy CDG graphics anyway. I'm still trying some other things before I give up. Evidently there were more than one version of Mediaclog and the last version was the hardest to break.