Car sub woofer to pc


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Hey, I have a logitech subwoofer on my comptuer but it just doesnt sound like the one i have in my car. Do you know if thers a way i could connect a car sub woofer to the comptuer? I was thinking maybe i could just buy a cheap $80 sub woofer (because any car subwoofer would blow a pc one i reckon) but i dont know how it would connect to the comtpuer. I dont even know if its possible. Does anyone know if i can do that? I would buy like a low powered 400watt sub woofer because a 1500watt mite be to much for the comptuer or would the comptuer be able to handle it?
A car subwoofer at home is the shortest road to total cacophony: Wrong damping factor, not suitable for most "cheap" wooden or plastic enclosures.
You can always buy and hook in a home theatre active subwoofer if the one you use sounds "thin" to you.
For 80$ don't expect something breathtaking though... you must shed at least double that sum for something good sounding.
I would say that the car sub sounds better a) because its designed purely for music and b) its driven by a dedicated amplifier for the sub and not a low powered one designed for a computer :)

if your not happy with logitec ... try another brand :)

i have only 2.1 but they are creative inspires with sub and they sound amazing and thats without even a dedicated sound card :)

i can recommend the creative series for a good sound but then thats my opinion maby go ask to trial /test some at your local computer store :)
A car subwoofer is unlikely to be magnetically shielded, but it ought to be far enough away from the screen to avoid disruption, I'd say magnetic media as well, but the floppy seems to be dying out!

I'm fairly happy with my cheap 5.1 set (Tevion NXT), though the bass is actually set below the halfway mark. I started with it at halway or a bit more, but the sound was misbalanced and irritating on talk radio (excellent for tuning speakers on) - booms and crashes were good though, but I think the sound system (CMI 9880) can be tweaked on different presets. I use a minimum of enhancement.


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alrite. I kinda forgot about this post. But now im wanting to buy a real powerfull 2.1 speaker. I was looking at the z-2300 its sub had 120 watts but reviews said its got weak mid range bass. What other powerfull 2.1 speakers are out there?