Best Ripper ? SmartRipper Vs DVD Decryptor

I am completely new to DVD backup. I have read a number of tutorials/web sites/forums and would appreciate some advice on my selection of DVD Ripper.

Smart Ripper and DVD Encryptor get mentioned a lot - Which is the best and why ? I think both of these are freeware, what are the commercial alternatives to these ? And are they worth the money ?

Many Thanks
I'm not sure there is a "best" here... they both work very well. I personally like DVD Decryptor, but that just a preference thing cause I'm used to it.

As far as commercial stuff, I don't know of any... and even if I did I wouldn't recommend it since these progs work so well.
agreed! there is no sense in looking for commercial progs, both smartripper and dvddecrypter work very well, my personal faviourite is DVDDecrypter aswell, but as mentioned before this is just a matter of taste.

Though sometimes you can encounter a dvd wich dvddecrypter doesnt handle but smartripper does or the other way round, hadnt had that personaly so far, but read 'bout it.

So it'll never hurt to have both at hand, but at least for me DVDDecrypter has done a perfect job sofar.

I use both regularly. Smartripper can demux and rip stream of files on your HD, DVD Decrypter cannot. But DVD Decrypter can ISO a dvd5 and burn it to a dvdr, Smartripper cannot.

Both are not exactly the same and have different features but just to rip a whole movie to the HD, both work equally as well. I find Smartripper generally a tad quicker than DVD Decrypter though, thats why I tend to use it more often. I like the way the options are more available as well. But its just a personal preference.

As for commercial programs, arrr.. no, there aren't any.


And nobody even mentioned the excellent FREE cladDVD.NET :D

You have to hav the .NET framework installed to use this but I'm finding it to be a great ripper so far. Worth a try on a wet afternoon guys. ;)


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where to download

These programs sound great, but where can you download an English language version of SmartRipper? :confused:
Thanks for any help, growpuppy