Best POP-UP Blocker.!

Hi Friend's.!

I Have'nt Posted In A Long Time.
Can Someone Please Tell Me The Best POP-UP Blocker.



Mr. Mojo :) :) :)
i am using ZoneAlarm Pro works very well, sometimes too well that it blocks up everything ! espcially when i didnt know that i put cookie control level to high and couldnt sign into my hotmail ! :p the adblocker too is good but not as ''smart'' as the adblocker from firefox extension :)
(and the award for thread resuscitation goes to....)

NO, though admuncher has a rather dodgy lookin affiliate scheme based on other try/buy offers, though I'm blowed if I'm agreeing to reams of T's & C's just to find out what the deal is - at the moment, my blocker is either Google toolbar or IE7 - oops, both, really must tidy that up.

My previous one, was small, light and effective...
Panicware Popupstopper - - though it's often suggested that the newer "free edition" is not quite up to the mark set before there was a pro version.