best picture quality?


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I bought some Verbatim dvd+r dl blanks, I wanted to do a backup with no compression, can anyone tell me what software will give me absolutely the best picture quality compared to original, currently i use dvd decrypt,dvd shrink and elby clone dvd2, thanks
Even with dl media sometimes our going to be hard pushed to keep EVERYTHING with NO COMPRESSION with some disks they still have to have a little compression added ... ive discovered a few that still dont quite fit and retain best quality !? :)

there are lots of guides on each of those programs with varying results in quality :)

read these threads and they will give more info on which to choose but with most of us its personal preference :)
Use DVD -R DL as they are a bit bigger than +R DL. Same with single layer media as well.

If the dvd is not copy protected then just use DVD Decrypter to make an ISO image then burn it back to DL. This keeps the layer break in the correct position.