Backup of Myst IV Revelation...


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Hello all,
i want to backup the game (which of course i owe) and i don't know how/what i need to...If there's anybody who can help...

Thanks!! :eek:
I moved your post, please take the time to post in the correct forum. Second give all the info so that your question can be answered!
I'm going to take a guess considering I have no info.
The game is for pc? So I say you may want to start with A-Ray scanner and them maybe try some of the Tutorials. :)
But thats only a guess till you give us more info. :)


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oops...sorry you're right!! I just thought that you would know all about the game...okay it's for pc and it comes in 2 DVDs...that's why i don't know how to back it up!!!i have yet to catch up with all this stuff for i need any special program (such as aray scanner or clonyxxl and clonecd) to copy it??If i'm forgeting any needed info just tell me...Thanks a lot!!

P.S. Excuse my English,i'm from greece...
As I understand it you would need a dual layer burner and media as those DVD's are DVD9's although there is a ripped to two DVD5's version floating around. Think they just removed some extra languages.

As suggested, ARay scanner to detect what copy protection is used.


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Okay...after i get the protection from a-ray scanner which program should i use to copy the game?How will i use the right profile for the protection?