Backing Up Pc Games


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Hi everyone,
I am new here and would like some help please. I had family members from out of state for a few days and when they left I found to my horror that a lot of mu pc games had been messed up. Is it possible for me to back up what I have left so that this can not happen again and be left with no pc games? If it is please give me step by step on how to do it. thank you for your time. :(


Preacher... first of all, welcome to the forum. :cool:

Backing up games is not as simple as, "what do I do?" There are different ways to make backups, each depending on the copy protection of the games you have. You need to let us know a few things...

1) What games you are trying to backup.

2) What CDR/DVDR software you have.

3) What hardware (ie, burner) you will be using.

Answer these and we can move forward ;)
Or you can just do what I do and go look @ gamecopyworld cause the best way to play is with a NO-CD/Fixed EXE. Who wants to look for the dam CD not me!!!!:eek::)