AVI/DivX to DVDR Tutorial is upgraded

Have just upgraded the DivX/AVI to DVDR tutorial ( http://www.dvdrbase.com/showthread.php?p=141444), changes are

1. The use of D2SRoBa pluggin option to 1/2 the encoding time without loss of quality
2. The new DVD2SVCD 1.2.2 b2 released this week
3. Inclusion of QuEnc as an alternative to CCE as the encoder
4. How to author 2 avi converted to one set of dvd files and remain in sync
5. The usual typos/grammer & spelling mistakes


excellent guide as per usual but now even better :)

typos ... well that proves ya normal thats why we have erasers on the top of pencils :)


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Great tutorial. I have a question though. Does it usually encode the video twice when you do the PAL to NTSC conversion trick when u add the 2 lines to the Avisynth script???
The minimum for CCE in VBR mode is a 2 pass encode. If your using D2SRoBa plugin, using the OPV method, then it can do it in 1 pass but if results are not within 1% of predicted size, then it does a second pass.
Well, I must have found some free time, but I've upgraded the AvI to DVDR Tute yet again :)

1. Added a section for putting multiple movies/episodes onto a DVDR
2. Updated all software and links
3. Modified slightly to fit with latest DVD2SVCD & D2SRoBa
4. Fix a few typos :)