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Im making another comptuer for around $700 not including screen keyboard mouse etc. I need help for getting the best parts i can afford for all up equalling around $700-$800 australian. So what CPU, Motherboard, Ram, Hard drive, Graphics card, Power supply should i get in it?

The guy I go to for parts, showed me a Socket AM2 system, with the Nvidia chipset - Wow! Though I've always been anti-onboard graphics, the Nvidia is about as good as the bottom end cards (eg. their 6200TC).

Core 2 Duo has AMD beat at the moment, but depends on the price - cheapest compatible motherboard is one using a 945 chipset retrofitted with Core 2 compatibilty, though it gives up a little performance to later chipsets.

It still depends mainly on your particular affiliation... AMD or INTEL for CPU, Nvidia, VIA or Intel for motherboard chipsets (SiS if you want to be cheap), Nvidia or ATI for graphics.

One thing, unless planning on imminent upgrade, ALWAYS equip with dual memory, using single memory on a dual bus system is just throwing away performance.

Depends also on local pricing & availability - some of the P4 CPU models have come way down in price. One other thing, overclock or not? - if the answer is yes, then solutions that have a reputation for good overclocking move up a few places, if you rate them by their probable overclocked speed.
Another new comptuer
Im making another comptuer for around $700

MABY get one with a spell checker :p :D

advice on PSU ... how many drives and roms do you want to use in it !?

more devices and cards more wattage will be better.. but for general use 400-500 watts would be fine :)


pay for cheap imitations and thats what you get usually CHEAP and usually inferior :(

a suggestion would be to get the best you can afford for your needs :)


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lol i always spell computer wrong. Well im making this one for a friend and he just wants it to be as good or better than mine. Mines not that good its got

asus a7n8x-x motherboard
2800+ amd cpu
1024mb ram
200gb hard drive
60 gb hard drive
9600pro video card

I havnt been into comptuers for a while and alot of the parts have changed and i dont know whats best for money anymore and if the setups will work or not.

i came up with this for $695

Asus M2V VIA K8T890, 4x DDR2 800/667/533, PCIe 16x, IDE, SATAII, 6ch Audio, GBLAN, 4x PCI, 8x USB2


AMD ATHLON 64 3200+ (2.0GHz/512KB/AM2)


Asus EAX1300PRO-TD-256 X1300PRO, 256DDR2, TVOUT, 2XVGA, DVI-I, PCIEX16


Seagate ST3200820AS Baracuda 7200.10 200GB 7200rpm, 8mb Buffer, NCQ, SATAII/300




Pioneer DVR-111D Beige DVD Writer, 16x DVR+/-R, 8x DVD+/-R Dual Layer, 40x CDRW, 16x DVDROM, UDMA 66, OEM Drive Only


Liteon LTN-5291S 52X CD-ROM Drive Retail Box Beige




Is that any good? will it work? Will windows xp pro work on it or will it need xp pro 64bit?
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Tighter timings? Ill make it 1024ram now. So all that stuff put together will work? or should i change the cpu or grpahics card or something?. I mite need some part recomendations.
Ram timings, fex. cas 2 or 2.5 etc
More info:
Cant really give any spesifics on parts though, im on hold hardware wise :)

I know id look towards seasonic for psu and nvidia or ati for mobo chipset and sata/ide controllers for an amd cpu. Raptors for performance hdds and samsung spinpoint for storage. Sapphire(ati) for graphics. Dvd burner from nec or benq and cdr burner from liteon.
But thats just of the top of my head and a little dated i guess.

Id suggest googling for reviews, using partname review as frase.