AMD CPU Agena 1.9 GHz Overclocks to 3.05 GHz

Agena 1.9 GHz overclocks to 3.05 GHz
Written by Fuad Abazovic
Friday, 20 April 2007 09:43

We've showed you the Agena AM2 CPU at 1.9 GHz and now we have some more. Yesterday we showed you the world's first screenshot of the Agena AM2+ CPU here. What happens if you try to overclock this lovely part? With the default multiplier set to 9.5, you can raise the FSB all the way up to 320 MHz.
You only need to increase the voltage from 1.273 to 1.297V and you hit over 3 GHz or 3042 MHz to be precise. This is an 1142 MHz overclock or 62 per cent from the stock speed and the machine was stable at all times.

So AMD's native quad core is a really overclockable part, more below.