AIDA32 - system information tool

[font=Verdana,tahoma]A great program that a friend :p showed me and its free.:)
AIDA32 is system information and benchmarking tool with full hardware & software information on 80 pages. It comes with a built-in hardware database and physical information for CPU, motherboard, hard disks, optical drives, chipset and much more. It can display the information on-screen, print it, or save it as a report in various formats including HTML, CSV and XML. The built in diagnostics module can help you find potential problems. AIDA32 offers support for ADO/ODBC database connections as well as TCP/IP remote access. Additional features include command-line switches, network audit and audit statistics and network management. An easy to use report wizard allows you to create detailed reports in the format of your choice or save the information to a database. The program is extremely well featured and very nicely done. On top of all, it does not require an install, but runs standalone from its own folder.


Now effectively replaced by Everest Home edition (the author now works for them!)
Not all the capabilities are present in the free version, but the hardware database will be more up to date than in any leftover Aida32's - might be valid, Aida32 3.93

And it was mentioned here - looks like they have the last ever Aida33 - the 3.94.2 beta - ISTR it was recommended for anyone hanging on to it until hardware database obsolescence rendered it unusable.
It sure is!

With the last of Aida32 still to be found in a few places, it's a choice between the full and unrestricted features, or the later hardware database of Everest Home.

In the main, Aida32 is still quite usable, though the latest motherboard chipset and graphics cards probably pass it by.

I forgot about that thread, actually, until google trawled it up while I was hunting down the last version.
found a working link for aida32 3.94.2 - the last known version:

>><< Thanks for the link. :) Just one think no direct links to the d/l so it saves on the bandwidth. PC-GUY

Not sure if this is allowed, but it was a freeware util