AC-3 basics requested


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I'm contemplating recording Dish Network AC-3 encoded programs to DVD-Rs. Dish does transmit some movies and other programs in 5.1 multi-channel, and, if all it takes is one of their AC-3 receivers and TMPG's AC-3 encoder plug-in program to do it, then I feel like I'm missing a real opportunity, especially if I can use the same DVD-Rs on which now I'm cranking out DVD-Rs like there's no tomorrow. :>)
After countless Web searches, I still have not seen a complete "flow" of AC-3 recording to DVD. Here's the flow I "think" I understand:
Source (such as Dish Network satellite receiver with AC-3 output, capable of transmitting 5.1 audio channels "inside" 2 output channels) ---> (connected to) ATI-7500 video card (via adapter's left and right audio input RCA jacks) ---> recorded as an MPG-2 video file, with AC-3 encoding program installed on ATI MultiMedia 8.8 program --> Authored (as with TMPEG DVD Author) ---> DVD-R burner, such as Plextor 708-A. Then, remove DVD-R from PC, place in DVD-R compatible DVD player. (Here's 1 more place I'm confused): Output from DVD player's left and right audio outputs (RCA jacks) to AC-3 compatible audio receiver (or A/V, if video fed through it, too), wherein receiver decodes 2 channels into 5.1 channels (the .1 being the subwoofer). Or, must the DVD player's output be an AC-3 specific output (SPDIF, digital optical), and must the receiver's audio input be similar?
I would appreciate any help on this, and especially any links to Web site pages (in this or other forums, etc.), that explain the whole concept of recording AC-3 encoded programs. Russell Farley, Olathe, KS