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    Xvid 1.1.3

    Xvid-1.1.3-28062007: - {core}: Fixed possible security issue in mbcoding.c More about the security issue here: :)
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    cFosSpeed 4 Multi-User

    cFosSpeed 4.00 build 1283 -- 19-Jun-2007 ! Major New Feature: Multi-User Version finally available! Now you can use cFosSpeed on several PCs connected to one router. Also a new Traffic Shaping algorithm is available for users with variable bandwidth. The installer lets you specify the type...
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    The European Parliament approves new, stricter anti-piracy directive

    An interesting development for the private end-user. :)
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    IrfanView 4.00

    Version 4.00 (Release date: 2007-04-23) Changes: :)
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    Jetico Personal Firewall v.2

    23-April-2007 version released Finally out of beta :) :)
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    Thunderbird 2.0

    What's New in Thunderbird 2 Message Tags: Create your own tags for organizing email. Messages can be assigned any number of tags. Tags can be combined with saved searches and mail views to make it easier to organize email. Visual Theme: Thunderbird 2's theme and user interface have been...
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    Version is out. Changes: Fixed multiple bugs in ReplayGain Scanner Musepack decoding bug fixes Fixed a rare crash in the Properties dialog Fixed bugs in File Types preferences page :)
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    ImgBurn v2.3.0.0

    Changes: Added: Parsing of the Joliet filesystem (in addition to the existing UDF/ISO9660 parsing) for pin pointing the file where a read error is occuring. Added: Ability to have the program use erase/format commands where DVD-RAM and BD-RE disc then give their full capacity to the user data...
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    Changes: Added: 'Read' mode for basic (sector by sector) creation of images direct from a cd/dvd. Added: Unicode support to everywhere that needs it! Added: An 'AUTO' write speed where you can now have custom write speeds for individual media types/dyes on a drive by drive basis. You can also...
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    MediaInfo :) thx zver for pointing it out in the first place
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    Opera 9.10 :)
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    Skype 3.x

    Version Changelog 2.5 -> 3.0 :)
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    Changelog: Xvid-1.1.2-01112006: - {core}: Fixed bug when frame-drop (N-VOP) feature is used in combination with packed B-frames - {core}: Fixed potential crash on AMD64/EMT64 architecture. - {core}: Fix for visual_object_verid vs. video_object_layer_verid problem. - {core}: Ensure intervening...
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    Outpost 4

    More info and download :)
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    Lame 3.97 Final

    Changes since v3.96.1: LAME 3.97 September 24 2006 3.97 beta 3 becomes 3.97 LAME 3.97 beta 3 August 19 2006 Gabriel Bouvigne: Workaround against a short blocks detection issue LAME 3.97 beta 2 November 26 2005 Gabriel Bouvigne: Fixed an initialization error when input is not using a...